Advanced Services



Building a food service is not what it used to be. Whether you have a food truck or a building you want it to be perfect, and we understand that. We can assist in the beginning stages of getting started or the fine tuning of food safety in your operation.   


We are not the health department, we are worse. Do you want to be safe, do you crave to be perfect? You need to know all your flaws to perfect them, we can help.

S.O.P.'s (Standard Operating Procedures) - $20 each

We know they're overwhelming. Good repair of equipment, controlling pests, eating/drinking/using tobacco, back flow prevention, safe unadulterated food, PIC, ware washing, thawing PHF, purchasing-receiving deliveries, employee illness, cooking, holding hot/cold PHF, controlling time temp during prep, handling a food recall, cooling, personal hygiene, washing fruits and vegetables, preventing contamination at food bars, serving food,washing hands, transporting food to remote sites, using suitable utensils when handling RTE, using time alone as a public health control, using calibrated thermometers, reheating PHF, Preventing cross contamination during storage, receiving deliveries.